Watch Makeover Transformation! Shannon Got A Whole New Look- Overnight!

Shannon Before

Shannon Before

Shannon After Di’s Makeover!

 Shannon After Di's Makeover!
Shannon After Di’s Makeover!

 Do you want a makeover?  Shannon did – and Diane Faith gave Shannon a whole new look!  After staying at home with her young kids, Shannon wanted a change.  Watch the full-length webisode -coming this Sunday, April 29th!  Learn image tips from Di and how some tips are not easy for everyone to implement.  Too fabulous to miss!

And remember….”Beauty without virtue, is like a rose without a scent!”




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One Response to Watch Makeover Transformation! Shannon Got A Whole New Look- Overnight!

  1. Isabel Fritzler says:

    I strongly believe that inside beauty is more important and transcendent, the outside beauty is frugal but still help us to feel good about ourselves and love ourselves and when this happen, we can love others and have a good relation with others. Also, our appearance, makes a difference in the way that others treats us, so the better we look, the better others will treat us. If we don’t know how to look better, we can’t make it, unless we are willing to ask for advise. That’s why I’m writing this. Nobody knows everything, and the sooner we realize and seek for wisdom and advise, the sooner will accomplish what we need and want. Thanks for this great opportunity. May God bless you for changing lives for the best!

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