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Virtual Makeup Before/ Virtual Makeup After

If you haven’t tried the Virtual Makeover Tool on this site - it is 2Di4!  Here is my before and  “virtual after” using the Makeup Virtual Makeover tool.  I simply uploaded a photo and clicked on the colors I wanted to “try on. ” This tool was a lot easier than trying on the real thing!  

I decided to try some of the new bright colors that are on the catwalk to see if they would translate to the sidewalk.   A common makeover mistake is to follow every trend whether it works on you or not.  Everyone is loving the 80′s comeback and since I graduated in 1984, I do have warm fuzzy feelings for some aspects of the trend.  That being said, I feel like some of the girls I pass in the mall, literally look like they were plucked out of my high school year book.  Instead of looking modern, they look dated.    Everyone needs to remember that when a trend comes back, it is always modernized.  Also, some of the bright colors may have worked on you when you were 18 years old but at 45….not so much.  I’m not going to be rushing to MAC to buy their new yellow eyeshadow; as for the brighter lip….I could do that.  Upload your photo now and start trying on some new shades.  Spring is all about fresh starts, and fresh makeup is a great place to start!

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