Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Split- Will Katie Share Tom’s Beauty Secrets?

Micro extensions, heel lifts? We want to know what Tom Cruise does to look so fabulous at 50!

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes officially split! Is anyone surprised?  I know that Tom’s couch jumping days on Oprah will forever remain in history, but I don’t know anyone who is surprised that this Hollywood couple split.

I’m sure Tom will probably pay Katie to keep her lips sealed following Tiger Woods’ lead, but if he doesn’t, I hope we all can learn about his beauty tricks!  What about his hair?  Is it micro extensions or did he have a hair transplant?  As far as being height challenged?  Rumors swirl about him wearing heal lifts to make him appear taller.   Why can’t Katie  share these great tips for all of the other short, balding men out there?  It’s just not fair that he keeps these great tips to himself!   I have some ideas on everything he does, but, it would be nice to know for sure!  So Katie, we want to know his beauty secrets!   A great book would be, “What Tom Cruise Does to Look Fab at 50!”  I’ll help you write it Katie….just sayin!


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