Obsessed With Finding Her The Perfect Holiday Gift? Di’s Top 5 Beauty Gifts She Will Love!

Last minute holiday shopping?  Well, since giving is better than receiving….let’s make sure you give your girl something she loves.  And if you’re like me, you may want to give yourself one of these things and then you get the benefit of giving and receiving….yeah!  If you think I’m joking, I’m not.  Every year, I give myself something beautiful for the holidays.  It takes the pressure off my husband and I always love what I pick out!   I don’t know any girl who doesn’t love something that makes her feel more beautiful.

Di’s Top 5 Beauty Gifts:

  1. Clarisonic Cleansing Brush:  If you don’t want your girl’s pores to look like you can park a car in them, buy her a Clarisonic brush that will instantly give her skin a beautiful glow.  I love mine and believe this is a “must have” beauty tool!  Although I have a white one, Clarisonic makes many fab colors!
  2. Red shoes:  Every girl should have a pair of red shoes!  Toss on a pair of red shoes with any black and white outfit and the shoes change the whole look.  I have a pair of red suede Miu Miu’s that make me smile every time I wear them!   Buying clothes for gifts can be tricky because they may not fit, but shoes are usually a safe buy as far as fit is concerned, especially if she already has shoes the same brand.
  3. Skin care:  Skin is an important fashion accessory.   Girls love everything from body cream to eye cream.  Wrap it in a pretty package and you will smell like her  before you know it.
  4. A beauty book:  One of my personal favorites is Kevin Aucoin’s “Making Faces” book.  The book is like a beautiful coffee table book that really is meant to give girls a lesson on how to apply makeup different ways.  Makeup is only fun if it is applied well.  This book should be on every beauty obsessed girl’s shelf!
  5. Spa day:  If you feel good- you look even better!  Buy your girl a massage gift certificate or a day at the spa.  She will look and feel beautiful and refreshed!  Most resort hotels have beautiful spa’s that offer gift certificates that she can use anytime.  It’s fast and fab!

Make this holiday season meaningful and beautiful!  My love to you!

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