Is Your Makeup Aging You? See Di‘s 8 Tips Now!

Kelly's a beautiful girl who is wearing makeup that is aging her!

As we age, makeup can actually make us look older.  But this is only true if the makeup is applied incorrectly or with the wrong products.    While very little makeup is better than bad makeup…..just because you are aging, doesn’t mean you need to downsize your makeup bag.  I have had many older women write to me asking how to wear foundation without having it sink into their wrinkles.  Many of them complain that they have age spots, dark circles and patchy skin that they just can’t cover up without looking even older.  Here are some makeup tips that will have all mature women rocking some fabulous makeup!

Tip #1:  Wear a face primer under foundation.  Primer creates an even, ideal canvas for foundation by filling in fine lines and large pores so that foundation goes on looking smooth.

Tip #2:  If you have never strayed from your powder foundation, it may be time to check out something new.  Try using a spot concealer over your primer, followed by a sheer liquid foundation.  If you feel like your foundation is too thick, you can mix it with a little moisturizer.  This tip is especially useful on dry skin.

Tip #3:  As we age, fat loss in the checks can make your face look flat.  It’s not fair, we lose fat where we want it and gain it where we don’t!   Applying blush in the wrong area can highlight this problem.  If you have an oval or round face and apply your blush too high, it can give the appearance of sagginess.  Instead, use just under your cheekbone.   If your face is square or heart shaped, use blush on the cheekbone.

Tip #4:  Eyebrows are really the most important feature of your face.  Many aging women have the problem of having sparse brows that provide little emphasis to the eye.  While you need to remove extra-long or unruly brow hairs, there is no need to over tweeze.  Fill sparse brows in with a brow pencil in a color that’s slightly lighter than your brow hair (it will look darker once on the skin.)

Tip #5:  As your eyelids start to sag or get a little loose, it’s time to pass on the glittery shadow.  The glittery shadow magnifies any problems with your upper lid.  Stick with matte neutral colors and a smokey eye still works!

Tip #6   If you line your lips, you will create a more defined shape that will help prevent your lip color bleeding into the little lines that may be above your lips.  Putting some concealer on your lips before filling your lips in with the lips pencil will ensure that lip lines are covered.

Tip #7:  Watch lip colors that are too dark that may highlight thin lips and yellow teeth.   If your bottom lip still has some fullness and your teeth are white, you may still be able to wear a darker lip.  If you aren’t sure, go with a shade that is closer to champagne or light copper.

Tip #8  Because you want to “lift the eye,” try a thin line of black liner (or pencil) close to the upper lash line.  You may want to skip lining the lower lashes for an extra lift or smudge with a shadow.

And remember….”Beauty without virtue – is like a rose without a scent!”



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