Great Skin: To get it, what should you have in your beauty arsenal?

I know, SKIN doesn’t sound as exciting as the “Latest Must-have Hand Bag.”  But when you really think about it, skin is one of your most important fashion accessories.   Your skin goes with you everywhere and is the foundation of a flawless look.  If your skin looks like a lizard, even the greatest makeup can’t make your skin look vibrant, and your handbag is unlikely to save the day.

The number of products on the market for skincare can make even the best beauty aficionado’s head spin.   So here are some highlights (not the hair kind) on the latest active ingredients (that have controlled studies supporting their mechanism of action) to look for in your skin care products:

  • Growth factors are naturally occurring proteins and when formulated in stable concentrations have been shown to improve wrinkles, skin tone and texture! Processed Skin Proteins (PSP) is an ingredient exclusive to Neocutis.  SkinMedica TNS products contain physiologically balanced growth factors and Biopelle has a growth factor line called Tensage.  When you see the before and after photos in the studies…you’ll want to apply immediately!
  • Latest formulation of vitamin C:    Almost every plastic surgeon and dermatologist recommends a potent, stable form of Vitamin C or L-ascorbic acid.   Phloretin CF represents a new class of preventive and corrective topical antioxidant treatment.  Manufactured by SkinCeuticals, this product has a new technology combining the newly discovered, broad-range power of phloretin with vitamin C and ferulic acid in a biodiverse formulation to reduce damage at every level.  Can you say a-mazing?
  • Retinoids:  Retinoids (a form of Vitamin A) improve wrinkling through their effects on dermal collagen.  The nonprescription retinoids are fabulous because they are well tolerated.  Look for brands such as Retriderm by Biopelle and Retrinal by Avene.
  • Glycolic acids:  They chemically exfoliate the stratum corneum and improve texture, tone, fine lines and acne.  Many brands offer quality glycolic acid products.  For anti-aging, Vivite Vibrance Therapy is well tolerated.
  • The Ultimate Cosmeceutical:  Sunscreen helps prevent further damage from UVA and UVB exposure.  Many feel it is a drug.  Both UVA and UVB rays lead to premature aging and potential skin cancers.  Apply daily so you won’t get unexpected exposure.

If you forget everything else, apply skin nutrients to your skin starting from the thinnest product to the thickest.   Because UV light degrades products with vitamins A, C and E, use these products at night when they can do the most good; if using them in the morning, it’s another reason, besides aging and skin cancer, to use sunscreen or a day cream with sunscreen in it.

Remember the saying, “Skin sells.”  Next time you go to buy the latest “Must-Have Hand Bag” take a look at vibrancy and health of your skin first!

Make it a beautiful day!


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