Just For Men: The Easiest Makeover Tip On The Planet! Shhh….Women can also use it!

Is gray hair aging?

Well, you don’t see many twenty year olds running around with gray hair, so the honest answer is, “Yes.” Some men look hot with gray hair and especially the salt and pepper look.   But very few men really pull off the Anderson Cooper look. Men tell me that they don’t color their hair because they don’t want it to look like they dumped shoe polish on it. I would pick gray over  shoe polish head any day, but there is an amazing product that is easy to use and gives you results that don’t look anything like shoe polish.  And…you don’t have to go to a salon.

Just For Men” has to be one of the greatest products ever invented.  Seriously. Andy Warhol famously painted the saying, “It takes a lot of work to figure out how to look so good.”  But this makeover tip is so easy and inexpensive, that people assume it must not work. I had Caile Noble from Serge Normant at John Frieda’s Salon in Beverly Hills on my radio show, and he dished on how well he thought  “Just For Men” worked.  Although he has mostly extremely wealthy and famous clients (who can afford the best colorist,) he confessed that many of them successfully use, “Just For Men!”  I had to try it.  Since I don’t have gray hair (yet,) I bought a box at the drugstore (very cheap) and   tried it on my husband’s beard.  It not only took 5 minutes but also was extremely simple to apply.

Remember, this product is targeted for men….men don’t like to read directions and mess with their hair for an hour.  It’s simple, and the results are unbelievably natural.  Since the product targets only the gray, your natural hair color stays the same.  If your entire beard or head of hair is gray, the product magically takes you back to your natural color as long as you pick the right shade. “Just For Men” comes in 11 shades and a scientist actually invented a product that targets only the gray hair.  It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. If you’re not sure you want to dive in to getting rid of the gray, then start with the box that says that it leaves “some of the gray.”  The “leaves some of the gray” option will give you the salt and pepper look and you’ll transition a little slower than going from white or gray to dark brown (for example.)  By the way, this product isn’t only for those with dark hair; it works very well on blondes as well.  Trust men, most men would look much younger by just losing a little gray.

So why isn’t there a “Just For Women?”  I have no idea. Maybe we girls like to “just be complicated.” If you have a nice natural hair color and “some” gray, there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to use this product. It literally takes 5 minutes compared to the lengthy at home treatments made for women. If you want to dip your toe in the “Just For Men” experience, try it on your eyebrows.  Gray hairs can pop into your brows much more frequently than your salon visits.  Instead of plucking the grays….”Just For Men” it! (Be careful not to get any of the product near- or in - your eyes or you might not be able to see any gray.)  Seriously, fab results and simple.  It’s 2Di4!

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