Fall In Love With Fall Make-up!

The article written by Diane Faith was published in the October 2011 issue of So Scottsdale Magazine

Love at first sight….it doesn’t happen very often, but, when it does – you never forget it.   Honestly, I have completely fallen in love with Fall make-up!  Why?  Because all the old make-up rules have gone out the window and everything is new.  And who doesn’t love something fresh and new?    Now, you can wear a heavy eye and a heavy lip together!  Lips?  Nude shiny lips are out and red is in!  Shake up your makeup and the love in your life….will love the fresh you!

So here is what’s hot for Fall:

Lips:   Rock the iconic red lips!  To pick the right siren shade, be sure to look at the undertone of the lipstick and how it enhances your skin.  If you have warm undertones in your skin, choose a shade with an orange base.  If you have cool undertones, then a shade with a blue base is the one for you.  For girls with darker skin, rock a dark blood red color.   Lipstick vs. gloss?  If you have a great lip and you don’t mind drawing attention to it, go for a creamy lipstick and apply with a good lip brush for the perfect application.
Eyes:  Since you can now wear a heavy eye with your iconic red lips, go for a smoky grey or smoky grayish brown shadow in a cream or powder, and you can really pump it up with one of the new glossy metallic shadows.  If you want to experiment with the glossy lid look, just dab a little Vaseline on your shadow.  If you love it, MAC makes a “paint pot” in colors that are a-mazing!  Also new is the bat wing eyeliner drawn on the upper lid with the new felt eyeliner in an Indigo brown or black and a very neutral shadow.  This is a classic debutante look.  Don’t go as heavy with the bat wing for day time.

Cheeks:   Color Popping!  Remember – all the makeup rules went out the window, so this season you’ll want to try color popping.  Color popping is when you apply an opposite undertone to the cheeks so the apples of the cheek pop!  Warm up the face with an apricot color bronzer all over your face, and pop the apples of the cheeks with a blue base undertone in any pink or red.  Wear this with the heavy eye and/or heavy lip.

Nails:  First of all, acrylics are so yesterday.  In fact, they’re last century with the French manicure look.  Go for a natural length in one of the new fall grey colors.  Chanel, Lancôme and MAC all came out with various shades of grey lacquer.   Try light grey, dark grey, charcoal grey or even a lilac grey.  The grey looks fabulous with your red lips!

Go ahead; Fall in love with Fall make-up.  Looking fresh….is always hot!

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