Fake Botox and Fake Plastic Surgeons: What You Need To Know Before Your Makeover……And Dating Tips For Smart, Sexy Girls!

This week in makeover news:  Patient Safety! USA Today reported yesterday that it’s like the Wild West  of plastic surgery.   Eye doctors are performing tummy tucks.  Obgyn’s are performing liposuction….  Doctors want to get in on the lucrative field of plastic surgery and are opening Med Spa’s and plastic surgery offices…without the training.  In the President of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery’s office, (not Plastic Surgery – but Cosmetic Surgery) you can get your wisdom teeth pulled in one room and get a tummy tuck done in the next!  Why?  Because the President of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery is a dentist and oral surgeon  – he did not do a residency in Plastic Surgery.  We’re going to be talking about this AND what you need to know about Counterfeit Botox with Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Sean Lille.  Dr. Sean Lille, previously with the Mayo Clinic, has been featured on local and national television shows over 25 times, has over 70 publications in medical journals and has received numberous Top Doc Awards.

To find out if your plastic surgeon is Board Certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery –  go to the official site for The American Board of Plastic Surgery:   www.abplsurg.org  (where you can look up your physician.)  Avoid Surgical Roulette and only go to a qualified physician!

To contact Dr. Sean Lille:  (480) 661-6197 or www.bodyliftsurgeon.com


Dating tips for smart, sexy girls.  If your dating style is in need of a makeover you’ve found the right place!     Lennie Ross the writer of the recently released chick lit novel entitled Blow Me is here to share how the characters in Blow Me find their way out of their dating ruts into a “happily ever after.”   Lennie is a screenwriter, story consultant and editor for various prominent screenwriters. Too fabulous to miss!


For more information on Lennie Ross or her book, please see www.lennierosswrites.com.

Listen to “Diane Faith’s Makeover Advice Show” live at noon (PST) at 1100 am KFNX Talk-Radio in Arizona or worldwide at www.1100KFNX.com. If you missed this show, (September 15th) you can listen to it under the “Radio” tab on the home page of www.makeoveradvice.com.

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3 Responses to Fake Botox and Fake Plastic Surgeons: What You Need To Know Before Your Makeover……And Dating Tips For Smart, Sexy Girls!

  1. Lennie Ross says:

    Hey Di, thanks again for having me on the show. I was so horrified about the counterfeit botox… or as I call it fauxtox. I have been a victim of that and it permanently damaged my skin, and when I approached the cosmetic surgeon who owns the day spa, rather than refund me my money, he tried to sell me on $15,000 of plastic surgery (which I don’t need) and denied anything being wrong with his Botox. This was a few years back, but my skin has never been the same. Wish I had known then what I know now.

  2. Nina says:

    “Eye doctors are performing tummy tucks. Obgyn’s are performing liposuction”

    This is because patients do not know that cosmetic and plastic surgery are two different forms of surgery. They hire cosmetic surgeons and let them do the job intended for plastic surgeons.

    @Lennie, is you surgeon board certified? have you asked if he underwent training. Here’s a list of “board certified organizations” : http://www.plasticsurgeryguide.com/board-certified-plastic-surgeons.html Your surgeon must be included in one of these organizations.

    Anyway, What happened after your complaint? I hope you’re doing good now.

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