Do You Need Nipple Cream As Part Of Your Makeover? Try this cost saving beauty trick!

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Nipple cream for your lips!

Nipple Cream as part of your makeover?  Okay, you may think I’m crazy, but I have breast fed four kids -  I know all about nipple cream.  Lasinoh nipple cream is an absolute must for every nursing mother.  So why do you need it?  When I was using this cream one day, I thought, “If my baby can suck my nipples with this cream on them, it is obviously okay to use on my lips.”  Since Lasinoh cream is a miracle cream for even the driest cracked nipples, (after nursing a newborn these things happen) it should work miracles for lips too!  And so it does!  This is the best thing you will ever put on your lips to heal them when they are dry and cracked.  I have tried the most expensive lip creams  like Jan Marini C-Esta Lips -which is great -  but retails for $45.00.   Laninosh nipple cream, which you can find at most drugstores, works  even better for dry, cracked lips and  retails for under $10.00!  (Jan Marini’s C-esta is better to help fine lines in the aging lips.)  It also works better than Chap Stick and Blistex.  Some Blistex formulas actually have lanolin in it mixed with sunscreen.  The downside, is if you are looking to heal cracked and dry lips, you are putting sunscreen on your lips every time you apply and not enough of the lanolin.  Not all Blistex tubes are the same.  Some varieties of Chap Stick and Blistex contain the controversial ingredient, oxybenzone, and you won’t need to worry about that with this infant proof pure high grade lanolin!   I keep a tube of Lansinoh in my car  as well at home.  In the summer, the tube in my car melts a little, the lanolin glides on my lips,  and leaves them shiny and soft. To have soft, moist lips while living in the desert, is no small accomplishment!   Lansinoh, which is 100% Lansinoh HPA Lanolin- is hypoallergenic, completely natural and free of harmful chemicals.   And if that isn’t enough….the tube seems to last forever.  The only down side – especially if you’re a guy – your friends may wonder  why you need nipple cream. (Lol)  One of my best friends, Cindy, is having a baby today - and I couldn’t help but think of how she’ll be stocking up on Lansinoh – and maybe she’ll decide to swipe some on her lips too!

This is one of my favorite cost saving beauty tricks!  Enjoy!   And remember….Beauty without virtue – is like a rose without a scent!

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