Create Bangs or Fringe Without the Commitment: Just Like Kim Kardashian

Bangs or “fringe” create a whole new look in seconds.  Jessica Biel made the commitment and has the real thing:  bangs.

Kim Kardashian using extensions for bangs

Kim Kardashian using extensions for bangs

But, Kim Kardashian, as you can see, did not make the commitment and used extensions to give her a new look for either a night or a very short time.  If you’re a commitment phobe, extensions are your answer. The best type of extensions for bangs is the “Quickies.”  As you can see, (photo-below right)  the weft like extension is a 4cm clear tape extension.  Unlike the individual plastic tip extensions, there is absolutely NO HEAT used when applying the Quickies; they are VERY gentle on the hair and only take seconds per extensions to put in each piece.  Tape weft extensions are semi permanent and  are applied quickly and easily. The weft of hair is typically sandwiched on either side of the natural hair and comes with the tape which makes the application process very fast. Results are seamless.

You have to look VERY closely to see the clear weft.

Close-up of tape weft Quikkie creating Bangs on Brenda

Close-up of tape weft Quikkie creating Bangs on Brenda


You would NEVER know Brenda was wearing hair extensions; they are invisible

Here is a picture of Brenda’s “fake” bangs!

The wefts come long and your stylist can cut them to whatever length you want your bangs.  If you want to create more volume in your hair in the back, the Quikkies aren’t just for bangs, they lay extremely flat and durable.  The extensions are made with real hair and last  from 6 – 12 weeks.  The good news – although the hair can be expensive, they are REUSABLE!  How fabulous is that?  The plastic or keratin tip extensions cannot be reused, so every time you change out your extensions, you have to pay for new hair.  With the tape weft, your stylist can reuse them several times! 

In the image below, stylist Justin Presnell holds up full length wefts.   He is the go-to stylist in Beverly Hills;  all  the celebrities go to Justin for their hair extensions!  His clients include Kate Beckinsale, Carmen Electra and Michelle Williams.  Justin has been recognized nationally for his expertise in extensions and he happens to be one of  the nicest guy on the planet!  You can find Justin at the famous Byron salon in Beverly Hills:  310. 276.4470.   And remember….Beauty without virtue, is like a rose without a scent.  xo, di

Stylist Justin Presnell from Byron's holds up full length wefts

Stylist Justin Presnell from Byron’s holds up full length wefts

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