Best and Worst Celebrity Makeover’s of 2012: Adele and Terri Hatcher

Hair color, length and make-up give Adele my vote for "Fabulous!"Best Makeover of 2012 – Adele!

I know, there were a lot of amazing celebrity makeover’s in 2012.  Everyone is buzzing about Miley Cyrus’ hair (pixie) and any change that Emma Stone makes is always fabulous.  But, how beautiful does Adele look?  Seriously, her new hair and make up look absolutely beautiful.  Adele is a great example of how hair color, length and the right make-up can instantly change your look.  Many people go straight to clothes when they think “Makeover,” but these images prove that the right hair style and make-up can significantly change your look.  I want to point out Adele’s eyebrows.  Eyebrows are the one feature that gets the least attention that can change your face instantly.  Notice how nicely shaped her brows are in the after?  Her brows really help to shape her entire face.  If you are looking for a change in 2013, look at your brows.  Are they well shaped?  Too light or dark for your face?  Or do they just disappear?  A strong brow in the right shade can anchor your face!

Terri Hatcher's hair is youthful and the color and cut compliment her skin tone

Terri Hatcher’s hair is youthful and the color and cut compliment her skin tone!

What was she thinking?

Worst Makeover of 2012- Terri Hatcher!

I’m not sure what she was thinking?  Yes, she does have the right face shape for this hair length, but she has styled it all wrong.  I’m guessing she cut it off after Desperate Housewives ended because it was damaged from extensions.  Unfortunately, she needs to add some additional conditioner  and volume to this look.  For just getting her hair significantly chopped off, it still looks damaged.  To hide damaged hair, she should go a little darker.  Darker hair reflects light and gives hair the illusion of being healthier.  A few waves thrown in with an iron would give her look some movement.  This is just not a flattering look for Ms. Hatcher.  She wore her hair this length back in the 1990′s but it looked much fuller.  Luckily, its just hair – she can change it back!

And remember….“Beauty without virtue, is like a rose without a scent!”



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