3 Ways to Avoid Sun Spots and Keep The Sun Off Your Skin (while in the sun!)

She tells me its popular in Korea!

One of my passions is traveling and I especially enjoy learning how women from different parts of the world approach beauty.  Women from all around the world know that the best way to prevent age spots is to keep the sun off your skin.  Duh.  But since completely avoiding the sun is not a reasonable option, here are three easy ways to avoid getting sun spots (and sun damage) that is very common in other parts of the world:


Another example of the sun protection mask found more commonly in Korea!

Number 1:  While in Hawaii, I met these two women playing golf.  They told me that these masks are very common in Korea.  They told me they are called Kobi Masks spelled with an “i” at the end.  At first I thought they were names after Kobe Bryant since he spent some time wearing a plastic mask while playing basketball.   If I walked around with a mask like this on in Scottsdale, people would think I just had jaw surgery.  I may buy one and see what reaction I get…..I love this!


UV Umbrellas!

Number 2:  SPF Umbrellas!  I have  been to Tokyo twice and love how everyone walks around with a sun protection umbrella!  Why don’t more people do this in the United States?  I honestly don’t get it.   After my last trip, I decided to take a cue from the Japanese and I keep an umbrella in my car – all SUMMER!  I get comments all the time, but I honestly don’t care.  The SPF umbrella not only protects my skin, it keeps me cooler!  A simple google search for SPF umbrellas will give you many options and I’m hopeful that this beauty trick will become more popular!

Number 3:  While in Australia a number of years ago, I noticed people were dressed from head to toe in SPF clothing.  I’m happy to see that this IS a trend that has become very popular in our country.  A newer invention has been “SPF Sleeves.”  These sleeves can be worn with any top or shirt.  Nike makes “Dri-fit Solar Sleeves” that can be found in golf shops or on line and sell for under $25.00.  But you don’t have to turn to a golf shop to find solar sleeves, there are many companies that are now making sleeves to slip on with any of your summer attire to keep your skin spot free, cooler, and healthier.

As a side note:  If you put your hands under a UV light for some nail treatments, the light can cause age spots, so be sure to wear sunscreen or fingerless gloves.

So, let’s start covering up- not only to prevent sun spots, but for our health!  If you have a part of your skin that you can’t cover, then wear a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher that contains 5% or more of micro zinc oxide.

I would love to hear from you about the beauty tricks you may have learned while you were on vacation this summer!

And remember…..Beauty without virtue, is like a rose without a scent!




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