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Can a makeover change your life?

11/03: When can a makeover completely change your life? And…Are you a trendsetter or do you dress like your friends? Di dishes with Image Consultant and Stylist, Laurie Brucker, on developing your own style and creating the image that you … Continue reading

Single guy tips on what to wear to attract the right mate

10/27: Our single guy provides tips on what to wear to attract the right mate….And can plastic surgery improve your health? There are some exciting new findings about plastic surgery that you won’t want to miss!

Di Dishes with Plastic Surgeon To The Stars, Dr. Marc Mani

10/20: Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Marc Mani talks with Di about Hollywood plastic surgery in an hour that is too fabulous to miss!

How to look HOT at 60

10/13:  If you’re over 60 and think you’re too old to look HOT….think again. Di dishes with a 64 year old woman who regularly dates men half her age. Why, because she looks so good….why not? Too fabulous to miss!

New York Mets Ike Davis talk about getting into shape

10/06: New York Met’s firstbaseman, Ike Davis, knows what it takes to be in a-mazing shape! Ike shares some “inside the training room” tips along with insights on women and makeovers….2Di4! And…Why is everything from Brazll hot? Since the Brazilian … Continue reading

What is hot all about.. Tim Mickelson gives advice on their game

9/22: Being “Hot” is not just about looking good … it’s pretty hot to be really good at something. Coach Tim Mickelson dishes on how listeners can take their game to the next level – Tim Mickelson, younger brother to … Continue reading

How to avoid conterfeit surgery… Dating tips for smart, sexy girls

9/15: Eye doctors are performing tummy tucks. Obgyn’s are performing liposuction. The President of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery is a dentist – he did not do a residency in Plastic Surgery. And how to avoid counterfeit Botox..with Board … Continue reading

Hardest bodies on the planet?

9/08: Everyone wants a hard body… And where do you find some of the hardest bodies on the planet? The UFC. Mike Vanarsdale is the head coach and trainer to a host of UFC super stars including, Jorge Santiago and … Continue reading

Dimitri James talks Fall Fashion

8/29/11: Are you ready to think about Fall Fashion? Get ready for fall with celebrity makeup artist and stylist Dimitri James. Dimitri will dish on everything from the latest fall makeup colors to fall’s must-have fashion pieces. Dimitri’s work has … Continue reading

Dr. Sean Lille talk surgical procedures for men

8/18/11: If you’re not happy with the body you see in the mirror, you’re not alone. Plastic surgery procedures increased nearly 10% from 2009 to 2010. Premiere Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sean Lille discusses what men are having done and what … Continue reading

Smoking hot sexy even if you’re not pretty

8/11/11: Can you be smoking hot sexy even if you’re not very pretty? Tim, our resident single guy from New York City, opens up about this topic along with other tips for our single friends! 2Di4! And….is your personality making … Continue reading

Dating a partner almost 35 years younger

8/04/11: She’s 64 and her boyfriend is 35…a well known Hollywood beauty shares what it takes to look hot at 64! Our Hollywood beauty is 100% honest and candid about what it takes to look hot at 64! Too fabulous … Continue reading

The Best of Diane Faith’s Makeover Advice Show

7/28/11: July 28th show: The best of Diane Faith’s Makeover Advice Show… Di dives in deep with the Founding President of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery, Dr. Shelly Friedman. If you want to keep your hair, you don’t … Continue reading

Tracy Newman Makeovers?

7/21/11: She won an Emmy doubled with a Peabody Award for writing the coming out episode of Ellen. She was a writer on the iconic show Cheers, The Nanny, Hiller and Diller, The Drew Carey Show and she created According … Continue reading

Bible vs Makeovers

7/14/11: Di takes a close look at what the Bible has to say about makeovers. Plastic surgery, permanent makeup, tattoo’s, clothes, jewelry -even gender reassignment surgery is discussed with Biblical authority Rabbi Pincus Allouche in an hour that is too … Continue reading

Di discusses new trends in plastic surgery

7/07/11: If you are considering plastic surgery this show is too fabulous to miss! Di discusses what is new in plastic surgery and gives you the information you need to decide if the advertisements you see are science or sizzle.

Hollywood Makeovers

June 30: Hollywood makeovers. Harvard trained Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Marc Mani dishes about Hollywood makeovers and what it is like to operate on celebrities. Dr. Mani provides the latest information on Rhinoplastys (nose jobs) and … if you … Continue reading

Di discussing hair loss with Dr. Shelly Friedman

June 23: Di discusses hair loss and the latest advances in treatment options with the founding President of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery, Dr. Shelly Friedman. If you want to prevent hair loss or grow more hair…this show … Continue reading

Extreme plastic surgery makeovers

June 16: Extreme Makeover’s….we’ve all seen the shows but let’s meet and talk with one of the plastic surgeon’s behind an Extreme Body Lift that was featured on abc15. When the weight is gone….what happens to all the skin? And … Continue reading

What does research say about physical attractiveness

June 9: What Does Research Say About Physical Attractiveness? We all know it is important, but tune in to find out how important it really is…and when does it hurt to be beautiful? Some of the information is shocking! And … Continue reading

Green Berets share fitness tips from the Middle East

June 2: When you think of a US Army Green Beret…do you think – “hard body?” Well, you’re right. A US Army Green Beret shares fitness tips from the Middle East! AND…does your dating style need a makeover? A sexy … Continue reading

Discussing Body Weight With Your Partner

May 26: BODY WEIGHT: If your girlfriend/boyfriend is gaining weight and you’re at a loss of how to handle the situation, you don’t want to miss this! Di discusses this delicate makeover situation (and others) with noted Rabbinic scholar and … Continue reading

What you project is what you attract

May 19: What you project is what you are going to attract! Listen to Di discuss cheating, posture, body weight and flashy cars with Tim, the bi-coastal dating guy! And Fashion…stylist and fashion consultant to the stars distinguishes between fashion … Continue reading

Latest advances in cosmetic plastic surgery

May 12: Di just returned from The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery meeting where the latest advances in cosmetic plastic surgery were revealed. If you want the absolute latest information on plastic surgery….don’t miss this!

Di discusses looks with Dr. Gordon Patzer

May 5: “Looks…Why They Matter More Than You Even Imagined.” Author Dr. Gordon Pater shares his research on this topic. AND Fashion accessories- the latest and how to wear statement jewelry!

April 2011

Designer vaginas and vaginal rejuvenation

April 28: Plastic surgery below the belt; designer vaginas and vaginal rejuvenation….the latest trend in plastic surgery. And anti-aging medicine; bio-identical hormones and testosterone! Signs your testosterone levels may be low- even if you are only 30!

Dating and the Herd Mentality

April 21: Dating and the Herd Mentality- do you and your friends walk around like a “herd” – dressing alike?  Don’t steal your BFF’s look! AND Makeup trends and tips from a celebrity make-up artist.

When does your makeover become vanity?

April 14: What does the Bible say about makeovers?  When does your makeover become vanity?  And the man who prepared Pat Tillman for war- provides inspiring fitness tips!

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