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Look at me NOW! Change your look – Change your life!

Diane Faith is an Image Consultant who works with professional athletes, former athletes, celebrities and ordinary people.  Check out this quick video of Di working with 2 different clients….changing lives. And remember….Beauty without virtue, is like a rose without a … Continue reading

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Watch Makeover Transformation! Shannon Got A Whole New Look- Overnight!

  Shannon After Di’s Makeover!  Do you want a makeover?  Shannon did – and Diane Faith gave Shannon a whole new look!  After staying at home with her young kids, Shannon wanted a change.  Watch the full-length webisode -coming this … Continue reading

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How Do You Remove Hair Color (Dye) From Skin? I Have A Trick!

 I love “Just For Men” and regularly color my husband’s hair with the product.  Of course when I do, I apply the product carefully, using gloves and none of the product gets on my husband’s skin – only on his … Continue reading

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Just For Men: The Easiest Makeover Tip On The Planet! Shhh….Women can also use it!

Is gray hair aging? Well, you don’t see many twenty year olds running around with gray hair, so the honest answer is, “Yes.” Some men look hot with gray hair and especially the salt and pepper look.   But very few … Continue reading

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