Top 5 Tips for a Real Beauty Sleep!

Is it possible to wake up looking better than when you went to sleep?  The answer to that is, “Yes!”

Here are the top five things you need to do to get a REAL beauty sleep:

  1. First, a dry room will dry out your skin and can make your eyes look puffy.   Sleep with a humidifier next to your bed which will increase the moisture in your bedroom so you can maximize the great skin care products that you put on your skin. There are many humidifiers out that look like vases so your bedroom doesn’t have to look like a hospital room.
  2. Second, you must sleep on your back!    If you sleep on your side, you will develop sleep lines and eventually permanent wrinkles on the sides of your face. Unfortunately, as we age our skin produces less oil which leads to moisture loss and the elasticity in our skin declines.  Therefore, when you sleep with your face pressed to the pillow, you may wake up with sleep lines on your face (creases) and your face will look puffier.
  3. Third,  allergies to dust mites cause a puffy face and puffy eyelids.  Cover your pillow with a 1-micron case that feels like a pillow case, it can decrease allergies to dust mites.
  4. Fourth, sleep wiith your head propped up.  If puffy eyes and a puffy face are your biggest problem, prop your head up a little bit more than you normally do with an extra pillow.  If you sleep with your head elevated, any extra fluid will not pool in your face making it look puffy.
  5. Fifth, moisturize your face, body and hair! Apply the best skin care you can afford on your face.  Use a body cream for your elbows and heels.  If you have damaged or processed hair, apply a deep conditioner to your dry hair at night and it will feel like butter after you shower in the morning!

It took me almost a year to get comfortable sleeping on my back.  I slept on my side my entire life and I had to train myself to sleep on my back.  It can be a big commitment, but it will save you many “cheek lines” as you age.  Since I started sleeping face up, I have yet to wake up with one sleep line.  The president of a luxury french hair care company gave me the tip of applying conditioner to dry hair.  I sleep with conditioner on my hair once a week to keep my hair looking and feeling healthy.  Start these beauty tips now and you will be on  your way to having a real “Beauty Sleep!”

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2 Responses to Top 5 Tips for a Real Beauty Sleep!

  1. Veronica says:

    Maybe I need to invest in a humidifier because every time I sleep on my back I wake up with the worst dry throat ever, regardless of what season it is.

    • Di says:

      There are two things you will want to do:
      1) Yes, a humidifer next to your bed will help moisten the air and will help your throat and will help your skin.
      2) Prop your head up on two or three pillows so that you are less likely to sleep with your mouth open. It is probably the fact that you are sleeping with your mouth wide open that is causing the dry throat.

      Make it a beautiful night’s sleep!

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