Time For a Makeover? Important Announcement!

Diane Faith wishing makeover's were as easy as a "blink!"

At some point, almost everyone looks in the mirror and thinks…”It’s time for a makeover!”  For me, I think this often as I age and new lines or skin issues seem to appear overnight.  I have to tell you….there are so many amazing tools out there to help us all improve our appearance, but it can be pretty overwhelming.  What works?  What doesn’t?  Should you start with your face, hair or body?  It’s different for everyone and education is so important.   Unfortunately, there are  beauty items out there that are “hype,”  which leave people frustrated and disappointed.

At “Diane Faith’s Makeover Advice.com” you will find not only the latest information on beauty items, but feedback and experiences that will save you valuable time.  It’s not a race, but a journey….and I am here to help you with this process.
Coming soon….”Diane Faith’s Makeover Advice TV!“  I will be bringing you  my years of experience and research – to WATCH!”   You’ll see some new products that are “hype” and some are “hot!”  And more….

Also, if you (men and women) are interested in being part of a TV makeover, please email me at askdi@makeoveradvice.com.  Only respond if you are willing to appear on camera and/or have your pictures shown at www.makeoveradvice.com  and…you’re ready to make a change!   If it is time for you to reinvent your look- email me now along with photo’s and where you live.

Everyone is made in G-d’s image, so we are all beautiful….but He did give us some pretty amazing tools to keep us looking fresh…so let’s use them!

Make it a beautiful day!  And remember…Beauty without virtue…is like a rose without a scent!


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