Looking for a Makeover? From spray tans to surgery, how much time you need to leave yourself

Last night it occurred to me, I can’t get the the VI Peel on my back that I had scheduled today because I’m going to a friend’s wedding in a little over a week and my skin will still be peeling.  The dress  dips down in the back and my shedding skin will  show.  Not hot.  Have I ever had something done and then realized I didn’t have enough time to “recover” before going to something special?  Um, yes.  You may want to check with your significant other and ask if you have any plans in the next two weeks before scheduling something as simple as a spray tan for the first time.  (Spray tans can go wrong- but I’ll save that for another blog.)   Will Ferrell shows us how ridiculous we can look after trying a spray tan or a fake bake.  I love spray tanning, but I  have run straight to the shower myself after a bad spray.

So if you’re getting ready for a big event (class reunion? wedding?) and you’re thinking of a makeover that’s bigger than some new highlights and a makeup application, you might be wondering how far out you need to plan, whether it’s a small change, like a spray tan, or a major one, like a tummy tuck.

Waiting until the last minute to get your Botox and fillers can lead to some embarrassing bruises on your important day. But when is the last minute when it comes to something like Botox? Or what if you are thinking really big—like a facelift? Unless you’re a risk-taker, even getting a spray tan for the first time shouldn’t happen the day before your event. Here’s my fabulous guide to use as a reference, before considering any one of these treatments.

Length of time before your event:

Spray Tan: So many people try this for the first time the day of their big event and cringe when they look at their pictures. This beauty treatment should have at least one “dress rehearsal,” at least a week before your event. After the tan soaks into your skin, you’ll want to try on your dress and make sure your new skin shade is right with the tone of the dress. Obviously, your foundation (make-up) shade will need to change with your new glow.

Fillers: If you are getting fillers for the first time before an event, be sure to tell your physician to err on the conservative side. For lips, some women swell considerably and walk around with duck lips for a week…not the look you want captured in photos! You should allow one full week and ideally two weeks before your event to plump up.

Botox: Do this at least five days before your big event. If you get the Botox sooner, you risk showing up with bruises. In addition, maximal effect of the Botox does not set in for one week.

Facelift:  According to Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Sean Lille,  facelifts require a longer duration to heal, since swelling may cause some facial contour irregularities; and, of course, there is bruising. Leave at least four weeks or more.

Breast Augmentation: If you’re not filling out your dress as much as you had hoped, and you are wanting more than a tailor to solve your problem, this procedure may be on your list. Although it takes three to four months for the implants to settle, three or four weeks should be enough to reduce the “implants in the neck” look before your big night.

Tummy Tuck: So the Spanx just isn’t cutting it and you have decided that you are going to get that tummy tuck you’ve been wanting for years. This procedure actually requires the most pre-planning. You’ll need to leave a minimum of six weeks to recuperate. A full abdominoplasty or tummy tuck is a major surgery that requires the most recovery time.

Of course, these are just a guideline—always check with your doctor regarding your own case.

And remember….Beauty without virtue, is like a rose without a scent!

Make it a beautiful day!


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