How Do You Remove Hair Color (Dye) From Skin? I Have A Trick!

 I love “Just For Men” and regularly color my husband’s hair with the product.  Of course when I do, I apply the product carefully, using gloves and none of the product gets on my husband’s skin – only on his hair.  Last week, my husband didn’t want to wait for me to apply the product to his hair (I was cleaning up after dinner) and he decided to take the project into his own hands.   I walked into his bathroom 10 minutes after his announcement and saw unused plastic gloves and black dye everywhere….on his hands, dripping down his forehead, on his ears – he was a mess.   He jumped into the shower expecting it to all wash off.  Twenty minutes later he emerged from the shower – none of the dye had come off his skin.    His hair looked great, but his black forehead, black ears and black hands, were clearly going to cause some severe distress at work the next morning.  At this time of the night, going to a beauty supply and buying a product for removing dye off skin wasn’t an option.   I pulled the directions out of the garbage and the company doesn’t list any tips or tricks on removing the product from skin!   I jumped on the internet and saw that nail polish remover should work.  We tried pure Acetone and it barely made a dent.    I also read something about baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and after shave ….nothing was working and his anxiety level was rising.  I was hearing…”This was a REAL MISS” from across the house, “How come this never happens when YOU color my hair?”  Hmmm.  I wonder?

Bless his heart, as my husband stood there looking at the black stain on his forehead, he plowed forward to remove the hair on the sides of his ear lobes.  As he applied the extra-strength cream hair remover (Sally Hansen) …he noticed the black dye was completely coming off of his fingers.   The hair removal cream was removing the dye!  He continued, and rubbed a little of the hair removal cream to his forehead using a cotton ball – being careful not to get any in his eyes (or in his hair) ….and – YEAH- it all came off!  I couldn’t find this trick anywhere; it was by pure chance that he stumbled on to this amazing trick!  He was able to go to work the next morning completely put together…..His hair was a nice black with a little salt left in.  No hair color was on his skin, and the hair was removed from his ear lobes.  Lookin’ good!   No evidence of the sloppy hair coloring from the night before.  He did tell me that he will let me color his hair next time… If he does decide to try it again – I’m guessing the plastic gloves will not go unused!

So if you want to prevent hair color from ending up on your skin:

First, I’m sure you have figured out by now that the little plastic gloves that are included in the box are NOT optional….you really do need to use them.   Also, apply the hair color CAREFULLY around your forehead, ears and back of the neck.  To further prevent staining, smear Petroleum Jelly around your hairline….the color won’t penetrate the oily surface.    The key is…take your time – and be careful.

Make it a beautiful day and remember….Beauty without virtue….is like a rose without a scent!



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