Botox without needles? Scarless surgery? Beauty advancements on the horizon!

New beauty advances are always on the horizon. Here are three that are in the works. I can’t wait!

 Botox without needles?  

Actual Botox Needle

You know the saying… no pain, no gain. But when topical Botox (botulinum toxin type A) comes out, this will no longer hold true. Revance is a topical form of Botox that is in a gel form. It is currently in phase two of three clinical trials, and should be on the market in the next couple of years. Some reports have falsely stated that Revance, when released, can be applied at home. But NO! It is a drug that must be applied and monitored under a physician’s supervision. It will be approved to treat “crow’s feet,” those lines under your eyes in an area most likely to bruise. If Revance gets too close to your eyes, it could migrate and cause your eyes to droop, thus the necessity of application only under medical supervision. Consequently, after application, you will have to wait 20-30 minutes so the physician can check the absorption. All in all, this fabulous new pain free drug is exciting, but not for application in your bathroom!

 Scarless Surgery?

Surgery leaves scars....but will this new innovation make them a thing of the past?

I’m really excited about the prospect of scarless surgery. Although there are products currently available that help scars heal faster, such as silicone gel sheeting, this exciting new product will practically make scars disappear! The product (which does not yet have a brand name) is currently under investigation and is a topical ointment. In the study, the ointment is applied only four times over a two week period on problematic or hypertrophic scars, not keloid scars that would not have improved with conventional methods. The results were astounding! The scars were nearly indistinguishable! The mechanism of action of this new ointment involves inhibiting the responsible growth factor in making ugly scars.

 Bathtubs of the Future

You can have this float spa in your bathroom!

If you think you have the latest bathtub because of its super-strength jets, think again. Bathtubs of the future are here, and they are on a whole new level. Instead of a bathtub, you will have your own private mineral spa. The Float Spa, which is already on the market, gives you an experience similar to bathing in the Dead Sea (but cleaner and the perfect temperature.) Your mind will stop racing as your body relaxes and enjoys the freedom of floating peacefully and effortlessly on your back!.The Float Spa is full of minerals and salt, and is said to not only help heal your body, but is amazing for your skin. At an expected price tag of $15,000-$28,000… let the healing begin.

And remember ….   Beauty without virtue, is like a rose without a scent!


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  1. A.H.Shafayet says:

    Nice information about beauty care. I believe & like that Beauty without virtue, is like a rose without a scent- 100% true….he he he

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