What Is A Designer Vagina? Who is really getting plastic surgery below the belt!

Do guys notice what your va-jay-jay looks like?  I think most men are just happy to have access to the area, but this surgery is becoming more and more popular – so there must be a reason.   When I first heard of this surgery, I thought…really?  I mean REALLY?  One more thing I have to worry about.  I took out a mirror and examined myself and was confused with what “look” women were trying to achieve.   I was also thinking that women who have this done must be so perfect everywhere else that they just ran out of things to have done.  So I started researching why women are seeking va-jay jay plastic surgery (a.k.a. vaginal rejuvenation.)

First, there was an article in the Los Angeles Times that stated the Brazilian Wax trend – which is basically removing hair from the front, back and everything in-between …has helped to fuel the demand for Vaginal Rejuvenation by making women’s genitals more visible.  Once the hair is gone- women don’t like what they see and become so embarrassed that they decide to go under the knife. Maybe the full bush should come back?  Umm…..no.

Second, I had the fabulous opportunity to have Vaginal Rejuvenation surgeon, Dr. Burt Webb on my radio show, “Diane Faith’s Makeover Advice Show,” and Dr. Webb enlightened me on the world of “designer vaginas.” I checked out Dr. Webb’s impressive before and after pictures and talked to Dr. Webb about the surgery.  I was surprised to see “ before”  pictures of very lengthy labia or very swollen uneven labia.  Some women have va-jay jay’s that are so deformed that it prevents them from being comfortable wearing a bathing suit.  Dr. Webb talked about this on my radio show and explained that the severe deformities are usually genetic but can be the result of childbirth.  Women often experience increased vaginal looseness or vaginal laxity after childbirth.  (I’m glad I had C-sections.)

So what is a vaginoplasty?

A vaginalplasty, also known as “Designer Laser Vaginoplasty,” is a group of cosmetic laser procedures which repairs, enhances, and beautifies the genitalia.  If you go in for a vaginoplasty, it may or may not include a labioplasty.  There is also a “Laser Perineoplasty” which rebuilds an aging or damaged perineum.  You can also have your  labia majora augmented and have your hymen reconstructed.  A labioplasty is the most common of the designer vaginal surgeries and reduces the labia minora.  Did you know that in porn pictures the labia minora is usually airbrushed off?  It’s true.

The bottom line is these surgeries aren’t just for those that want their vaginal real estate to look like a porn star.  Many women suffer from some real changes in this intimate region and these laser surgeries offer some real solutions.   And men, if you think you’re left out of “plastic surgery below the belt,” a urologist is making scrotal surgery very popular. (Not the most attractive looking body part.)   But I’ll save this ball - I mean topic - for another blog.   

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