Vampire Facelift- Science or Sizzle?

The Vampire Facelift- Platelet Rich Plasma Injections

It’s the Latest- But Is It the Greatest?

     Platelet rich plasma injections or PRP has recently been touted the greatest and latest in reducing facial wrinkles.  It has been used successfully and safely in many areas, such as  joint injuries, diabetic wound problems and gum disease.  PRP is a technology that uses growth factors and stem cells from your own blood which accelerates the body’s own healing and regenerative capabilities. 

     Innovators have utilized this science and applied it cosmetically to help regenerate damaged collagen and elastic of aging facial skin.  Proponents have said that PSP’s bioactive stimulators, when injected below the skin, will increase the amount of collagen, providing a gradual increase in skin thickness.  In addition, when injected directly into the skin, improvement of skin texture is claimed to be achieved.  The treatment apparently can be seen as early in three weeks and lasts up to a year.  Treatments, depending on the patient’s age, may require one injection every month for the first two to three months and require a booster injection at six months. 

     The problem with all of this “hype” about your own blood products offering the elixir of youth is that it is not supported by robust science. Dr. Sean Lille, who is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon,  has reviewed the science literature and the claims that PRP can give a middle-aged woman younger looking skin.  At best, Dr. Lille states that the results are very modest and temporary.  However, injecting PRP into the skin has caused severe reactions, notably in the skin region around the eye.  Until independent science research confirms the utility of PRP, I am definitely going to wait on trying this procedure.  Rushing to be the first to try something, without substantial scientific evidence, can sometimes result in many regrets and a waste of money only being one of them.  Maybe this will prove to be useful, but let’s let the vampire’s research it a little more.  What does science support for quick benefits?  Have Juvederm and/or Botox injected every 6 to 8 months or if you have some body fat….have fat injected into your face.  I think I’m going to eat some cookies now so I can do the latter.  As for the Vampire Facelift, it’s definitely sizzle.   I will keep you posted as the research continues to unfold on this new, but (so far) unimpressive procedure.

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