The Makeover Advice Show/Pat Tillman’s Coach Shares Fitness Tips and What Does The Bible Say About Makeovers?

Makoever Advice Show April 21, 2011

What does the Bible say about Makeovers and plastic surgery?  Does the Biblical Text shed insight on it or not?  When does your makeover become vanity?   Tune in to “The Makeover Advice Show” on Thursday, April 14th and find out….it is going to be an hour too fabulous to miss!

Also, the man who prepared Pat Tillman for war.  World renowned strength and conditioning coach, Tim McClellan.  Tim McClellan’s stories will not only inspire you to work harder in your fitness programs, but Tim will also provide some simple workout tips to make your workouts more effective!

To listen to “The Makeover Advice Show” tune into 1100 am KFNX Talk-Radio in Arizona.  You can listen to the show from anywhere in the world at at noon (PST) every Thursday!

To contact Di’s guests on the show:

Rabbi Pinchas Allouche:

Tim McClellan:  Visit , you can purchase Tim McClellan’s book, “Inner Strength Inner Peace:  Life-Changing Lessons From The World’s Greatest” from

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