“The Makeover Advice Show” Thurs/ April 7th

So for those of you who think Makeovers and Beauty are some superficial pursuit that exists for those who don’t focus on their inner beauty- skip your top of the hour book club meeting and don’t miss the show from noon – 1 pm (MST) on KFNX 1100.    The show streams live at www.1100kfnx.com.  You will be surprised by some of the information discussed on the show. 

Our first guest on “The Makeover Advice Show” is Premier Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Sean Lille.  Dr. Lille is a board certified plastic surgeon in Scottsdale, Arizona.  He has been featured on local and national television shows over 25 times, has over 70 publications in medical journals and has received numerous Top Doc Awards. 

Dr. Sean Lille’s office number is:  (480) 661-6197

Dr. Lille’s website is:  www.scottsdaleplasticsurgeon.com 

If you would like to ask me or Dr. Lille a question on the radio show this week, please call at (602) 277-5369 or (602) 277 – KFNX during show time.   The toll free number  anywhere in the U.S. is 1-866-536-1100

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