The Makeover Advice Show: Hollywood Makeovers with Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Marc Mani

Hollywood Makeovers!  Americans are obsessed with celebrities and plastic surgery…to prove it there are countless magazines and television shows about – just that topic.  On The Makeover Advice Show, June 30th, Harvard trained Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Marc. Mani will dish on the latest Hollywood trends in plastic surgery.  Dr. Mani was named one of the ten leading plastic surgeons in the country by Forbes Magazine, his practice was featured in the New York times Television’s ten-episode documentary Plastic Surgery Beverly Hills, which aired on The Learning Channel and The Discovery Channel.  Too fabulous to miss!

Contact information for Dr. Marc Mani: and office phone number is (310) 203-0511.  For more information on Lynda Barens, Dr. Mani’s concierge for patients, see

If you missed The Makeover Advice Show, please click on the radio tab to listen to this show and all archived shows.

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