Plastic Surgery

What Are Women Having Done?

After spending years as a consultant in a plastic surgery office, I have to tell you, it seems like everyone is having something done.  From the girl that works at Target to Fortune 500 company executives, people are seeing their plastic surgeons.  Another little secret, all those celebrities that you see in the “Body Watch” section in People magazine that have sworn that they haven’t gone under the knife and then go on to outline their strenuous exercise programs……not true.  First of all, I don’t think celebrities have ANY obligation to share what they have had done or haven’t had done. They may be swearing that they did NOT go under the knife, only to be seen by me 3 months previously with facial bandages!

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We could discuss plastic surgery and options for pages, but for now, let’s just focus on the face by decade:

Before the 20’s: Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen!!

Although an individual’s genes are an important factor on whether you develop skin cancer, they cannot be triggered without the signal of overexposure to sun damage. It is the first 20 years of your life that determines whether a susceptible individual will develop skin cancer, so start with great sunscreen early!!

20’s: Focus on Preventative Skincare.

Establish good skin-care habits now, such as daily use of eye cream, sun screen and anti-oxidant rich products. Cleanse face with a great cleanser and the Clarisonic brush will aid in not only exfoliation but the penetration of your skin care products. Take care of your skin now and your youthful appearance will last well into the next decade.

30’s: Focus on Preventative and Proactive Skincare:

You should have established good skincare habits and are using sunscreen, eye cream, and antioxidants or Processed Skin Protein creams with Growth Factors. A healthy complexion and impeccable skin tone will definitely add to your youthful appearance. The thirties are the age when women should start to think about preventing crow’s feet and lines between their eyebrows with Botox. I started using Botox in my mid- thirties and it has definitely prevented the development of some deep lines and wrinkles. It’s a good thing I can’t inject myself, or I would probably go absolutely overboard with this product.

40’s: Focus on Proactive Skincare and Volume Enhancement:

Gravity starts to kick during this decade and lost collagen and elastin make your skincare regimen even more important. In addition to your sunscreen, eye creams, and antioxidants, use a skin brightening cream such as Perle by Neocutis to ward off and reduce the appearance of sun damage. I use Perle and I believe that it continues to improve my skins brightness and radiance. If you have more severe hyper pigmentation, you may need a prescription for 4% hydroquinone that visibly lightens skin discolorations and is a more aggressive skin care product. As in your thirties, Botox should still be on the menu to help prevent deep lines and wrinkles. You may start to see a slight sagging in the mid-face region and the jowl; injectable fillers can be used to restore volume or Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Sean Lille, does an incredible job with utilizing a patient’s own fat to restore volume in the face. This does require surgery, but looks more natural than fillers and lasts much longer. Many women in their mid to late forties complain about the appearance of their neck. The turkey gobbler look is definitely aging. Small volume liposuction can help reduce this problem or a minimal incision neck lift will banish this look. If your neck waddles, make a fabulous scarf your favorite accessory until you get it fixed. Scarves are fabulous- anyway!

50’s: Focus on Volume Enhancement and Limited Incision Procedures:

Estrogen levels fall during this decade affecting the skin’s moisture content. Wrinkles and droopiness become more apparent as do age spots or hyper-pigmentation. Women who take a proactive approach by helping to repair their skin will age more gracefully. Besides your great skin care regimen (see 40’s) and Botox, you may consider going under the knife during this decade. This decade usually brings a sagging lower face, jowls and lax skin. The limited-incision or a full facelift will help to elevate the cheeks and give the jawline a better look. If your teeth are starting to look a little discolored, you may also consider, Opalescence tooth whitening systems. A white smile can take years off your face.

60’s: Focus on Your Skin’s Health Along With Combination Procedures:

Surgery or not, it is important to take steps to maintain the skin’s health and appearance. You can pull a lizard’s skin tight, but it will still look like a lizard. Use the skincare regimen outlined under (40’s) but opt for hydrating products geared for more mature skin. This is not the decade for a quick fix. If problems weren’t addressed in your earlier years, you may need a few different treatments or procedures done in stages to put things back in balance. Using a facelift with a browlift can turn back the clock a good decade. Necklift surgery should be done at the same time as your facelift as well as eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty for excess upper eyelid skin or lower eyelid bags. In fact, it is not unusual for many younger patients to complain of the “tired look” appasrence of their eyes. While minimally invasive procedures are increasing in popularity, face lifts are still the best option for excess skin and drooping.

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