What 4 Make-up Brushes Does Every Girl Need?

Diane Faith with Karen Hall

What make up brushes should be in every girl’s make-up bag?    Although this depends on how you apply your makeup and if you contour or don’t contour, there are some basic brushes that every girl should have in her bag.  When I asked professional make-up artist, Karen Hall, what brush every girl needs in her makeup bag, she answered, “Your fingers!  You can tap and blend the makeup in – especially under the eye area.”  Sometimes we think we need a brush to put every dab of makeup on, and our fingers can be great tools!

High quality makeup brushes come in a wide range of prices.  Quality brushes are NOT the brushes that come in shadow kits; those little brushes should go straight in the garbage!    Blue Squirrel and Kolinsky makeup brushes are reported as the highest quality.  Shu emura has a large selection, and is considered professional grade; one shadow brush retails for $280.00.   I asked Karen Hall about these brushes and she said she can’t tell the difference between the ultra-expensive and other natural bristle brushes.  It’s more of the technique than the brush.  In fact, she finds some great quality brushes at art supply stores.  If you know what kind of brush you’re looking for, art supply stores have a great selection, especially for precise brushes.  After some research, I found that “glo-minerals” makeup brushes provide the best brush for the price.   ”Glo-minerals” brushes have fine natural hair (sable, pure pony, black capra, squirrel) for both professional and personal use.  Since the hair which is used is from sheering, the animals aren’t harmed in any way.    One of my favorite things about these high quality brushes is the handle.  The handle feels great in the hand and each brush is labeled for its use, “powder, crease, camouflage etc.” So if you’re not an expert, you will be reminded as to the proper tool for the task.  A Glo-minerals blush brush retails for $23.00.  (www.gloprofessional.com or some plastic surgeon’s carry this brand.)

Why buy natural bristles?  They work best because they grab the pigment and hold it in place exactly where you want it on the face.  Synthetic brushes are best for applying liquids and creams.

What are the must have brushes?   If I could only have 4 make-up brushes, here are the ones I would pick:

Glo minerals Blush Brush

1.  Blush Brush:  a slightly smaller brush than the standard “Powder Brush” designed for light shading or color on the cheek area.

2. Eye base:  used to apply an eye shadow base color over the entire eyelid.  This brush can also be used to blend shadows for a flawless finish.

3.  Crease:  The glo-minerals crease brush  is made from squirrel.  This brush is designed to give a light or heavy contour application to the eye crease.

4.  Spoolie brush:  Designed for combing and shaping lashes and brows. (If you are stranded on vacation, a good stiff tooth brush can also do the job!)

For foundation, use either your fingers or a sponge to stipple; foundation brushes are the ones to skip.   So wash those digits and dip your fingers into your makeup for a fabulous application!

And remember…..”Beauty without virtue, is like a rose without a scent!



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