The Makeover Advice Show: Extreme Makeover- Plastic Surgery Transformations and A Celebrity Makeup Artist Takes Us Behind The Brush!

Extreme Makeover’s….we’ve all seen the shows but let’s meet and talk with one of the plastic surgeon’s behind the extreme makeovers! I was captivated with a segment that I saw on ABC 15 that shows a woman who lost 285 pounds and was left with over 30 pounds of skin to remove. The woman went to plastic surgeon after plastic surgeon until she found Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Sean Lille. Dr. Lille was the only surgeon who was willing to take on this challenging case. Why? It had never been done before. When the weight is gone….what happens to all the skin? And what procedures can be done? The images are unbelievable. The woman’s transformation is breathtaking. The video will make you cry with inspiration. Its summer and people are having their Extreme Makeover’s done now. Everything from tummy tucks to arm lifts to entire body lifts! I have to say, the results are incredible and anyone who is considering a “body procedure” won’t want to miss this!


We’re going BEHIND THE BRUSH with celebrity makeup artist and stylist Dimitri James. Dimitri will dish on everything from summer makeup tips, to how your hair color (men and women) impacts your look and faking it…..a good night sleep that is. Dimitri’s work has graced the runway and the red carpet as well as national and international television shows and magazines. Dimitri’s artistry has been seen on the stars of “The Office,” “Desperate Housewives,” “Sex and the City,” and “CSI.” Dimitri added “pioneer” to his resume creating SKINN Cosmetics in 2002. The author of Becoming Beauty, Dimitri is sure to provide us some true behind the scene tips!

TOO fabulous 2 miss!

To contact Dr. Sean Lille:

The abc 15 segment of the extreme body lift can be seen at For more information go to: or Dr. Lille’s office contact number is (602) 661-6197.

To contact Dimitri James or to find out more about SKINN:

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2 Responses to The Makeover Advice Show: Extreme Makeover- Plastic Surgery Transformations and A Celebrity Makeup Artist Takes Us Behind The Brush!

  1. Cindy says:

    I would love a makeover with Dr. Lillie, Dimitri & Di! :)

  2. Silvana Cruz says:

    Hi!I see this show every day,it’s so incredible the trasformations,congratulations to everyone!!I would like to know how I can have a chance to go in this program….I’m from Brazil but I’m in Italy right now….is that possible?should I send pictures?Where?Please,I will be very,very,happy if you answer me….thank you very much!!!!

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