The Golden Globes 2012: The Top 7 Things You Should Learn From the Red Carpet

If you care about style and beauty – then pay attention to the stars on the Red Carpet.   The Golden Globes just wrapped and here are the top 7 things to learn from watching the first big awards show of the year:

1) Perfect Posture:    Everyone always talks about hair and make-up, but did you happen to notice the perfect posture of just about everyone who walked the red carpet?  Poor posture doesn’t look good on anyone and the stars didn’t make this makeover mistake!   I noticed Angelina Jolie’s perfect posture before looking at her amazing crimson lips.  After Brad Pitt opened her car door  – I wonder if they planned that ahead of time or if it was spontaneous -  I pick planned….. She emerged from the car with the posture and grace of a ballet dancer.  Every single celebrity walked and stood with amazing posture.  This makeover tip doesn’t cost a dime…just some effort!

2) Make-up trends:   If you missed the fact that red lips are completely hot right now, you now know by watching the Golden Globes.  Angelina rocked the crimson lip perfectly by choosing the same shade of red as the accent of her gorgeous Atelier Versace gown.  Her handbag must have also been made by Atelier Versace because it matched the gown perfectly.  Although the red lip worked perfectly on Angelina Jolie, this look would have never worked on someone wearing one of the very popular nude dresses at the Golden Globes.  For example, Elle Macpherson’s makeup was soft to coordinate with her nude gown.  If you are going to wear a soft color, you should also go with soft makeup.

3) Own a look:  Michelle Williams with her cute pixie haircut really owns a look.   The word that comes to mind is, “sweet.”  You’ll often see Michelle Williams wearing a scoop neck dress and a headband in her cute pixie hair.  She owns this look like Nicole Richie owns Bohemian.  If you find yourself dressing like your friends….change your look and make it your own!

4) Wear something different….long sleeves:   The Golden Globes showed more stars wearing long sleeves than in previous years.  I get a little bored of the strapless gowns that we see year after year and it was refreshing to see something different.  Don’t get me wrong, there was still plenty of strapless gowns and especially strapless, mermaid gowns.  But  Jessical Biel,  Michelle Williams, Jessica Lange, Laura Dern and Julianna Marguiles all rocked long sleeve gowns at tonight’s Golden Globes.  They stood out because of it.

5) Be aware of how your dress will photograph:   The fabric on Michelle Williams’s gown looks a little bit like drapes from a distance, but close up it is beautiful!  When you’re going to a special occasion where you plan to be photographed,   have someone snap a picture of you in the dress or outfit you plan to wear.  The dress may be beautiful in person but when photographed ….hmmm….not so much.    Satin, for example, can add pounds and weight when worn close to your face.  You may not be happy with how you look in a particular outfit when photographed although you loved the way you looked in the mirror.

6) Pay attention to fashion:   The Award’s Shows really help to set the tone for high fashion.  We have the opportunity to see the most beautiful stars wearing the most famous designer’s dresses and jewelry.  You’ll  not only see what colors and tones are hot for clothes and makeup, but also, jewelry trends.  Love it!

7) Know what looks NOT to copy:     First of all, Madonna has to be the most incredible looking 50+ woman on the planet.  I mean seriously, how youthful can one possibly look?  But don’t copy the fingerless, one glove look.  What was she thinking?  Maybe the glove is a sexy  one hand gesture/message to her 20 something boyfriend.  If we knew why she was wearing it, maybe it would be hot….  But since we don’t, it’s not.

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3 Responses to The Golden Globes 2012: The Top 7 Things You Should Learn From the Red Carpet

  1. Alyssa says:

    OMG is that a tattoo on Jolie’s arm? I don’t know why women think that looks good, it looks horrible.

  2. Jessica says:

    I’ve heard that guys like the rule of the every other feature. Like a smaller forehead, bigger eyes, smaller nose, bigger mouth, smaller chin. At least that is what a lot of guys tell me and it looks like most celebs have this pattern typically. I just wish my nose wasn’t as big, well its not crazy big it just bothers me that its not relatively smaller. Also Diane your mouth is amazing I wish I had yours now!

  3. Alex says:

    Is it just me or does Michelle Williams look doesn’t look good. I know she is making her own look, I don’t know whats up with that leopard print, but she could look much hotter. Sorry, just thought she look weird in that dress. That dress would actually fit Madonna better, and Madonnas outfit would fit Michelle’s better..

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