Ranking #3 in most important fashion accessories, behind SKIN and HAIR, is MAKE UP. It really should tie for #2, because the wrong make up can clog your pores and undo some of the amazing things that your skin care is doing for your skin. Mineral make up is an extension of your skin care routine. I love make up and really didn’t get too excited about mineral make up for a long time because I didn’t realize that the makeup I was using was beginning to make my pores look larger. I’m not a big fan of large pores and after using all the right skin care products, I learned that my make up (that was not mineral based) was clogging my pores, making my skin care routine that much more difficult. I love gloMinerals, and I’m very particular about my makeup. I think some mineral make up lines don’t provide adequate coverage, but the gloMineral foundations really do job! It’s 2Di4!

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Q: I’ve been using my favorite department store make-up for years, what are the benefits to switching to gloMinerals?

A: Unlike traditional make-up, gloMinerals does not contain talc.  This is important for use after medical skincare treatments.  gloMinerals will not settle into fine lines or clog pores, the minerals lay smoothly on top of the skin to allow it to breathe.  gloMinerals products contain Vitamins A, C, E and green tea extract providing surface antioxidant protection.  Zinc oxide & titanium dioxide provide natural UV protection of an average SPF 15.  gloMinerals is not just a makeup; it’s an extension of your skincare routine.

Q: What separates gloMinerals from other popular Mineral Makeup Lines such as Colorscience, Bare Escentuals and Jane Iredale?

A: There are several key points that distinguish gloMinerals from other mineral lines.

  • All gloMinerals products contain an exclusive blend of antioxidants that offers added protection against environmental conditions and stresses.
  • Vitamin A – an antioxidant that conditions the skin keeping it soft and supple
  • Vitamin C – an antioxidant to reverse free-radical damage and strengthen the immune response to antigens
  • Vitamin E – an antioxidant that delivers moisture binding benefits and promotes skin healing
  • Green tea extract – anti-inflammatory and antibacterial
  • gloMinerals utilizes micronized, triple milled particles.  This means the minerals will lay smoother on the skin, feel silkier when touched, provide continuous coverage and show less shine or sheen on the skin.  No other lines are triple milled.  Some are micronized but not triple milled.  This results in a larger particle size that does not lie as smoothly on the skin.  Some are not even micronized leaving a very unnatural finish and itchy feel.  Lastly, some utilize nano-technology.  Nano-particles may have an altered chemical and physical structure which has recently raised concerns about the long-term safety of their presence in health and beauty products.  Additionally, there is concern that nano-particles may be absorbed into the skin because of their miniscule size, causing skin irritation.
  • gloMinerals is a professional ONLY line.  This line was formulated for skincare professionals and their clients.  You will never find our line in a department store, on QVC or any infomercial.
  • gloMinerals offers a better variety of foundation formulas, finishes and shades.  There are 4 foundation formulas – Pressed, Loose, Protective Liquid and Sheer Tint and 3 finishes – matte, semi-matte and dewy.  gloMinerals offers the hottest hues and color favorites, all rich in pigment and ready to wear.  The colors represent a blissful union of fashion and timelessness.  New colors are released seasonally to stay on top of the latest trends.

Q: I have acne, can I use gloMinerals?

A: YES!  gloMinerals has anti-inflammatory ingredients, including green tea extract, zinc and vitamin C that help to improve the appearance and condition of acne.  Every gloMinerals product is non-comedogenic, allowing the skin to breathe, which helps inhibit the potential for bacteria to become trapped in the pores.

Q: What is the sun protection?

A: gloMinerals is a non-chemical, natural UVA & UVB broad spectrum sun protection.  The active sun protection ingredients are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide providing an SPF of 18 with a medium application and greater with a heavier application.  If I’m in the hot sun, I will reapply the loose powder every 2 hours for protection.

Q: I frequently get medical skincare treatments such as chemical peels.  Can I use gloMinerals after these treatments?

A: Absolutely!  And they are beneficial!  Not only will these camouflage any redness or even bruising, but gloMinerals  will help protect your skin from the suns damaging rays immediately after the treatment and provide anti-inflammatory & anti-oxidant benefits as well.

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