Best Way to Survive A Holiday Break-up: How to Get “Beautiful Revenge!”

Looking fabulous is great revenge!

‘Tis the season to be – dumped.  What?   It’s true, more couples break-up from Thanksgiving to New Year’s than almost any other time of the year.    While the holidays are often a time to get engaged or to solidify a relationship, its more often a time that couples break-up.   It’s never easy, and the holidays can make it even tougher.   Although it has been many years, I survived the worst break up – the kind where the guy leaves you for another girl.  Yep.  It really hurts.  It feels like getting sucker punched and doesn’t let up.  If you are in this situation, give yourself a couple of days to lick your wounds then it’s time for REVENGE!  What kind of revenge?  The kind that will leave your girl/guy saying….”What was I thinking?”  Rocking a fabulous new look with confidence is truly the best revenge.  I know it hurts, but when you look good, you feel better!  Here is how to do it:

If you were just dumped…you’re not alone!

For Girls:

  1.  Work- out HARD:  This is not only great for your body, but for your mind.  Double your cardio and as your butt gets harder your mind will release endorphins making you feel like you really can breathe again!
  2. Own a New Look:  It’s time.  Book an appointment with the best hair dresser you can afford.  If you can take a trip to L.A., go to Byron and Tracy and have the same hair dressers who change up the looks of the most famous celebrities give you a look that screams…”I have moved on!”
  3. Going to the Dark side:  It may be time to dye those blonde locks dark, but before you go to the dark side, try on wigs of different shade s and take some pictures to be sure you like the look
  4. Sky High Shoes:  There is nothing sexier than some sky high heels.   Do you save heels for only special occasions?  Start wearing them everywhere.  Picking up groceries?  Heels.  Going to lunch with your girlfriends?  Heels.  You’ll just feel HOT.
  5. Smile:   Smile looking yellow?  Time to visit the dentist or drugstore for a great at home treatment.  My pick:  Opalescence Treswhite Supreme., $39.99.   It has 10-15% Hydrogen Peroxide and is exactly the same brand and product your dentist uses.

For Guys:

  1.  Same as #1 for the girls – but add make sure you also pump plenty of iron to get those muscles bulging.
  2. Back Hair:  Time to get rid of it – on a regular basis.  Pick up a “Men’s Electric Back Hair Shaver,” by Sharper image, $49.99.  You can shave your own back ….yourself!  It has a long extendable handle that locks into place at any length and creates a 135 degree opening- the ideal angle to make shaving your back easier!  Ear Hair and Nose Hair:  Okay, get a magnifying mirror and check it out.  If hair is there, schedule an appointment with an aesthetician and have her take it off!  If you want to do it yourself, Walgreens has a nose trimmer and you might be able to use hair removal cream (Nair) on those lobes.
  3. Haircut/color:  If you have any grey….maybe it’s time to color your hair.  You may want to leave a little salt, but a little color will make you feel fresh.  And, a short crop can be really hot.
  4. New Duds:  Spend the $$ you were going to spend on her x-mas gift on yourself!  My fave, Monkstrap shoes or boots, jeans that hug your butt, and a shirt or sweater that shows off those growing biceps!
  5.   Same as the girls #5!

And, keep smiling.  Seriously, this too shall pass.  I’ve been there and literally followed #1 – #5.  I found my hour long cardio workouts made me feel so good.  The time I used to spend with him, I spent clearing my head in the gym.  I also cut my long hair to very short.  I loved it!  When he saw my new look, he knew I had turned a page.

Be strong, own your new look, and may 2013 bring you only good things!  Email me if you need some help!

And remember…Beauty without virtue….is like a rose without a scent!



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