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Dr. Sean Lille  Dr. Sean Lille Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Sean T. Lille M.D., P.C.

Dr. Sean Lille is Board-Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons and is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgery. He has over a decade of cosmetic plastic surgery experience where his practice solely comprises cosmetic surgery of the face and body. He has authored over 70 articles in plastic surgery books and journals and has spoken both nationally and internationally on cosmetic surgery topics. Dr. Lille has had the honor of being awarded various Top Doc accolades and other consumer awards. He is a consultant for ABC News and has served as a medical consultant for various skin care companies. Dr. Lille previously was an attendant at the Mayo Clinic Scottsdale and has patients he treats throughout the United States and the world.
Dr. Lille graduated with honors from Cal - Berkeley and attended the University of Arizona for his medical degree. He pursued his General Surgery Residency at the University of Washington where he also completed a Vascular Surgery Research Fellowship. He then went on to complete a Burn Fellowship and a Plastic Surgery Residency at Southern Illinois University. Dr. Lille was a Research Professor in the Department of Chemistry at Arizona State University while an Associate Consultant at Mayo Clinic Scottsdale. He is currently a Lt. Cmdr. in the United States Naval Reserve.


The decision to undergo cosmetic surgery is a personal one. Motivations can be varied and expectations diverse. Our goal and dedication are to provide realistic outcomes within the highest standards of the art of plastic surgery. To accomplish this goal, Dr. Lille utilizes his “artistic eye” to create a natural look, along with incorporating the latest technologies and techniques that have merit. He also believes understanding the patient’s expectations and adhering to the highest standards of safety have resulted in extremely satisfied patients who are thrilled with their results. Dr. Lille takes the responsibility of improving a patient’s self image as a privilege and holy task. As an experienced professional, he does not “sugar coat” procedures or their outcomes. As a husband and father, he understands when parents bring in their sons for gynecomastia procedures or when other family members have concerns. His continued aim is to clearly outline realistic cosmetic expectations since each patient presents with an individualized canvas. Dr. Lille and his staff are committed to providing the highest standard of care and service and strive in making each patient happy and satisfied. To contact Dr. Sean Lille, please visit his website at www.scottsdaleplasticsurgeon.com or call his office at (480) 661-6197  

Cervando Maldonado

Cervando Maldonado is an A-list celebrity hair stylist who caters to the high-profile and fashion-forward. His celebrity clientele include all the top celebrities in Hollywood. You’ve seen Cervando’s magic on Reese Witherspoon, Gina Gershon, Diane Lane, Sofia Coppola and Jon Bon Jovi. He has styled coifs for shoots in Vanity Fair, Marie Claire, Maxim and Vogue. When Cervando is not styling for a film or photo shoot, you can find Cervando in Beverly Hills at the Byron and Tracey Salon.
Cervando Maldonado  Cervando 9294 Civic Center Drive Beverly Hills, California (310) 276-4470 www.byronandtracey.com
Dr. Sean Lille  Karen Hall Celebrity Makeup Artist

Karen Hall

Karen Hall is a celebrity make-up artist who has made a name for herself in the industry over the past 25+ years. Karen has worked in print, advertising, TV commercials, music videos and feature films. Karen works with the fashion and industry elite and is a true artist. You can reach Karen at johnhallphotography.com or through ZENOBIA AGENCY, Los Angeles, California (323) 937-1010 .

2 Responses to Di’s Experts

  1. Lourdes says:

    Hello Di,

    I was born with naturally puffy upper eyelids and now that i’m in my mid 40′s the skin is begining to sag. I’ve never been able or known how apply shadow to my natural puffy lids and now that they droop i’m having a hargder time. Is there away I can comoflage the drooping lid withouot having to where so much shadow? I’ve always been self counsion of my eyes and now its even worst, I hide behind my sunglasses and avoid taking pictures. I have 6 children 5 boys and 1 girl and we don’t have one single family picture, because of my insurity. One more question, do you know why I always look hidous in pictures, but mirrors make me look ok looking? Thanks!


    • Di says:

      Hi Lourdes,

      Without seeing your photo, I’m not sure how extensive the droopiness of your eyelids are but there are some things with make-up that you can do that will help. First, avoid very shimmery eye shadow that will draw more attention to your lids. Second, be sure to use a foundation that is lighter than your skin tone before applying your matte eyeshadow. In addition, see my blog on Beauty Sleep where I give some great tips that improve the potential for puffy lids. Unfortunately, as we age, our eyelids begin to sag. If you see a woman in her 60′s with perfect eyelids, then you know she has plastic surgery. An upper lid bleph (or eyelid surgery) is not a major surgery and if this is an area that is of great concern to you, perhaps you should investigate this as an option…..

      Lastly, please let yourself shine in photographs. It is “you” that your family wants to see and I’m afraid that you will deeply regret not letting those special memories be recorded in photo albums. Since it is a concern for you, try having photos taken in dim light rather than really bright light where every line can be seen. Please keep me posted and I do hope that you make it a beautiful day! Di