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Diane Faith’s Makeover Advice: Extreme Makeover- Watch the Process!

Watch this dramatic webisode for a real behind the scene’s look at an Extreme Makeover without plastic surgery.  You can learn some tips you may use for yourself! And remember….”Beauty without virtue, is like a rose without a scent!” xo, … Continue reading

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Should An Aging Man Get A Facelift? What you should know…

Ask Di: Di, I am a 59 year old man and feel like I need a facelift but am afraid that I will end up looking like Kenny Rogers. It seems like men can’t get face lifts. What facial procedures … Continue reading

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Is Using Fat To Augment Your Breasts An Option?

It sounds pretty nice…have fat sucked out of your thighs and use that fat to have your breasts enlarged. To determine if this is really an option, I did a thorough review of the data and interviewed board certified plastic … Continue reading

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Reinvent Yourself

Ask Di:   What does “Reinvent yourself” have to do with aging and makeovers?  Di Sez:   I love the term “Reinvent Yourself” because I think it is important to embrace different phases of your life.   Today I turn 45 years … Continue reading

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How to Prevent Sleep Lines – Sleep Like A Baby!

How to Prevent Sleep Lines ASK Di: Q: I’m only 40 years old but I just noticed when I wake up in the morning I have these huge creases/lines in the sides of my cheeks. Sometimes it takes over an … Continue reading

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